Everything is made by hand in my basement workshop in Aarhus, Denmark.

I only use quality materials. From the leather down to the snap buttons. Everything has been carefully selected from some of the best suppliers in the world.

Leathers: I use leathers from a lot of different tanneries in the world, like Tärnsjö, Horween, Baker and Sedgwicks, but also smaller Italian and French tanneries. I mainly use vegetable tanned leathers, but I will occasionally also use chrome or combination tanned leathers.

Thread: Linen thread is my favoured thread, but I have threads made of man-mad materials like polyester and nylon. I prefer linen because of its historical use in the old saddlery trade and basically it just stitches well.
I use linen threads from a number of different European companies. For instance Somac (England), Barbour (Ireland - but made somewhere in Europe), Hoogen Zwirne (Germany), WMZ (Germany) and Crawford (Ireland). 

Hardware (buckles, snaps, zippers and studs): I primarily use solid brass hardware, but I'm not opposed to using nickel plated or steel hardware. I just prefer solid brass, as it doesn't change its appearance with wear. Other than that I enjoy using vintage, deadstock, re-purposed and military surplus materials.

- Snaps: I use deadstock Newey snaps from England and mil-spec snaps from Dot/Scovill.

- Zippers: Zippers are sourced from Riri and I also use deadstock Talon 42 zippers.

- Buckles: I mainly use an English foundry for my buckles, but I also have a large stock of deadstock buckles of different finishes and some mil-spec hardware.

- Rivets: I prefer using solid brass or solid copper washer and burr rivets, because they only get nicer with wear, and they are tough as hell. These are made in the US. However I also use other rivets, but usually it pick the rugged and solid option of the solid rivets.

- Other hardware: Most things are sourced form the US or England, as they still produce some of the best hardware, if you ask me. I also use a lot of military surplus materials.

I try to use nothing but the best materials and I'll never compromise when it comes to the materials used.